Salman Khan indirectly disses Rishi Kapoor during interview for Race 3 promotions

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A development in the relationship, or rather the enmity, between Rishi Kapoor and Salman Khan took place when Salman decided to give a statement directed indirectly at the older actor during an interview at the promotions of his upcoming film Race 3. The ground beneath the duo’s feet had cracked ever since the wedding of Sonam Kapoor and Anand Ahuja, where Rishi Kapoor had gotten into a heated debate with Salman’s relatives Sohail Khan and his wife Seema Khan regarding what he saw as Salman Khan’s blatant disrespect towards himself.

In the referenced interview with DNA, Salman made a statement saying that he didn’t have any enemies, but there existed a lot of people who he didn’t like. These certain people had reportedly given Salman no reason to respect them, and the latter felt that the age factor could never be used as a reason to take respect for granted. Salman also drew the line between himself, and certain people who would never be welcome in his home, and explained that in his defense, the respective people had made the first kill by daring to disrespect him and his family in the first place.

In a follow-up statement, Salman also pointed out that the age factor which was extremely prevalent in the Bollywood film industry was extremely overrated and was in need of a quick decline. He elaborated by saying that it shouldn’t matter whether if an artist is senior or junior to someone, both of them should be respectful to each other, no matter what the circumstances. Taking an indirect hit towards Rishi Kapoor again, Salman stated that if any actor dared to take a junior for an idiot and go out of their way to insult and disrespect them, then it was simply ‘not done’.


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