School Life Part-3 : New Youtube video by Round2Hell will crack you up

A new video by Round2Hell was released on June 17, 2019. The video, “School Life Part-3” has 2.8M views in less than a day and is #2 on trending.

The first two parts were released in 2018 and had such an amazing response. While the first part had 15M views, the second part managed 21M views. The third part seems to supersede both the two parts.

The video revolves around the school, but one that you couldn’t have imagined even in your worst nightmares. We call it worst nightmares because only one thing happens in this school that is violence. A teacher named Sanjay is constantly seen beating students up even for trivial things. The teacher of English doesn’t know how to translate the statements in English and tries to excuse himself.

In the former two parts, the Principal is also seen helpless and isn’t able to do anything to resolve the issue of Sanjay sir. In this video, he comes up with a solution that is even more dangerous. The new teacher carries a gun to the school and both of them are now in competition as to who will beat more students. The Principal turns a blind eye to this problem.

Even though the intention is just to make the viewers laugh and have a good time, the video is purely fictional and not in its remote sense related to truth. The exaggerated portrayal of school with everyone carrying phones in the pockets of their shirt, use of excessive cuss words by both teachers and the students seems a little too much to take. The video will crack you up but it might offend some others as well.

Watch the video below and decide for yourself.

Watch the first 2 parts below if you haven’t.



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