“Stop Him If You Can” by 2 Foreigners in Bollywood on YouTube is hoot and a half

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2 Foreigners in Bollywood posted a new video on June 10, 2019. The video, “Stop Him if You Can” has 1.5M views and is #6 on trending.

The video is really funny and is sure a dose for your mid-week blues. A pizza delivery boy who guarantees to deliver pizza in 10 minutes is on his way to deliver when he is stopped by a police constable.

The name of the pizza delivery that is RSTRL seems weird to both the viewers and the police constable. While we thought it to be just some random name without any purpose or significance, the police constable says that anybody is delivering anything.

The pizza delivery guy then proves both wrong, the audience and the constable. However, the title hints at something but none of us would have been able to imagine such a brilliant ending.

Watch the video below and be assured for a fun ride.



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