“Kaksha Dasvi” by NazarBattu is winning hearts on YouTube: #3 on trending

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“Kaksha Dasvi” by NazarBattu is getting all the love from people. The video was posted on June 10, 2019, and has 1.3M views. The video is currently #3 on the trending list.

The video is about Leelu who finds out that his property will be seized by authorities if he fails to provide the required documentation to the court. The video from here on is funny and Leelu along with Bhaktawar and Pandit makes a plan to go back to school and finish his Class X.

The fate of these three boys changes from the minute they enter the class. Either they are ridiculed or are seen to be fighting or passing comments. And within moments are branded, notorious students. Time and again they are punished and taken to the principal’s room but nothing proves to be of help. The principal, who is pissed with them tries to rusticate them but ends up giving them another chance. He asks them to pass a test and only then they can continue their studies in the school.

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“Kaksha Dasvi” by Nazarbattu on YouTube will make you nostalgic

Watch the video if you haven’t by now.


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