Trippier succeeds in appeal partially; set to play La Liga in Spain

England and Atletico Madrid footballer Kieran Trippier was suspended from playing football for 10 weeks.

The duration of the ban was from 21 December to 28 February.

The player was not allowed to take part in any football related activity. The former Tottenham Hotspur defender was found guilty of breaching Football Association’s (FA) betting rules on four occasions in 2019.

The player was also subjected to a fine of £70,000 ($94,000) for the said misconduct.

According to Gambling Insider, Trippier denied seven breaches, which were alleged to have taken place in July 2019, then requesting a personal hearing. However, the independent regulatory commission found that four of the alleged breaches were proven, although three were dismissed.

Later Trippier had appealed the decision following which the FIFA had suspended the ten week ban earlier imposed on Atletico Madrid defender.

However, Trippier could not successfully challenge the ban and the ban will stand for 10 weeks. However, it would only be effective in London. This implies that the player will still be allowed to play for the La Liga leaders in Spain.

FIFA insisted the regulatory body to delay the ban so that it starts when the players returns to England. However, FIFA did not win on this aspect and the ban will apply only in England.