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How to choose best fitness tracker for you?

With almost the entire world donning their fitness pants, there suddenly seems to be a flood of wearable technology that is supposed to help you in achieving your fitness goals. While you have already taken the first correct step by promising yourself a healthy lifestyle, it is equally important to decide wisely which gadget to choose for fitness tracking.

Fitness bands can prove to be your best friend in your calorie shedding regime and in fact for tracking many other health parameters. If you are confused which one to buy, here is a comprehensive overview of all the necessary fitness band qualities you must confirm on your checklist.


What do you expect from a fitness tracker? Should it only count your steps or tell you how much calories you have burnt? Fitness bands go way beyond. Choose a model which also offers various other useful features such as a Bluetooth earpiece, stopwatch, heart rate, blood pressure and sleep schedule tracking in real-time, on-the-go notifications, bedtime alerts, and event reminders.


The best fitness bands are the ones which can offer you a seamless experience. So, find out the optical sensor and semiconductor technology that the said brand of the fitness band has deployed.

Battery Life

Needless to say, that you want a fitness band that has a long battery life because you would be wearing it for the most part of the day or maybe even 24/7. Go for a band which offers energy-efficient and durable battery life.  It is also advisable to check if it would display the battery level on the screen and give a notification regarding the low battery.

Mobile App Sync

Every fitness tracker needs to be synced through its particular app on your phone. Through this app, you can collect your data, store your records, reset your fitness tracker settings and reminders, log details and share this information with a coach or community. Though the new trackers are all coming with genuinely good software, it is always a wise decision to check the app, its data tracking and availability before choosing your device.


If you plan to take your fitness band into the pool, check well if it has waterproofing capacity. Even if not for swimming, you can check how much water-resistant your band is and whether it can deal with rains or any other water-related activities. For many athletes who spend more time outdoors, it is safe to go for a water-resistant band which you don’t need to remove while exercising in rainy weather.

Activity Sync When Phone is Powered Off

There are times when have to switch off your mobile phones, either because you are in meetings, in a place where they are not allowed or for any other reason. In that case, what would happen to your activity reminders? Will they not be tracked? Well, check for a fitness band ensures that your activity reminders stay measurable and active even when the phone is powered off.

Bands of the Tracker

The overall design of the band is important. Check whether bands can swap. Go only for good quality skin-friendly bands that do not wear easily.

Screen Display

Buy a fitness band whose screen should work in both active and sleep mode. It should display the steps walked, calories burnt, distance traveled, sleep log, time and custom alarms among all other parameters that it measures.

Keeping these basic considerations, you can go for fitness band shopping and choose wisely.

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