How to Download SNES4iOS Emulator on iPhone using TweakBox App

Many iOS users are mourning the fact that they can no longer jailbreak their devices and it isn’t just because they can’t modify their devices anymore. For many, it’s the fact that they can no longer download whatever apps and games they want and they can no longer download their games emulators.

Games emulators have always been a popular choice because, with the exception of actually using games consoles, they are the only way to play our favorite retro console games because they let us play them on our iPhones. For many, the Nintendo games console offered the best choice of games and being able to play them again, without having to jailbreak first, is a fantastic opportunity. How do we do this? With an emulator app called SNES4iOS emulator.

SNES4iOS emulator app allows you to create the right environment on your iPhone to play all your old favorites once more and it offers a choice of hundreds of different games. But if you don’t jailbreak to use it anymore, how do you get it? Read on to find out.

Download SNES4iOS Emulator:

SNES4iOS is undoubtedly the very best of the Nintendo DS emulators for the iPhone and iPad. Once a jailbreak tweak, now anyone can enjoy it without having to go down the route of jailbreaking first. It’s easy, it’s very safe to do, and all you need is a third-party app installer called TweakBox. More about that later, first, here’s how to install SNES4iOS emulator.

  1. First, open the Safari browser on your iPhone or iPad – this is the only browser this works properly with
  2. Go to the TweakBox website
  3. Tap on the download link and install TweakBox onto your device.
  4. Once its all finished, you will see the installer icon on your home screen.
  5. Open it by tapping the icon
  6. Tap on the Emulator option
  7. Search for SNES4iOS by typing it into the search box
  8. When the results come up, tap on Install beside the name
  9. Tap on Install on the popup menu and wait for SNES4iOS to be installed on your device – be patient this may take a few minutes
  10. When it’s done, the SNES4iOS icon is on the home page

Before you use it, there is one more step to take. When you tap the icon, you will get an Untrusted Developer Error because Apple doesn’t know the developer and can’t verify it. You can, here’s how:

  1. Open Settings on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Navigate to General and then tap on the Profiles and Device Management section
  3. Look for SNES4iOS in the list and tap on it
  4. Tap on the Trust button and close Settings – SNES4iOS is yours to use.

App Features:

With SNES4iOS, you are getting a fully featured games emulator that is dead simple to download and use. Here are some of the best features:

  • Plenty of in-app customization features, such as control settings, sound, vibration mode, and more, to ensure that you get a truly personalized experience with the app
  • Directly download games ROMS using SNES4iOS
  • Auto-Save function – your game is saved when you exit so, when you resume the game, you don’t have to start over
  • Lots of tweaked Nintendo games and support for cheat codes
  • User-friendly interface
  • Quickly find a game by browsing or searching for a specific game
  • Full support for all iOS devices
  • DropBox support helps with easy recovery of your game data should a game crash
  • Built-in browser
  • Completely free
  • No jailbreak needed
  • Supports all iOS devices on iOS 7 up to and including iOS 12

How to Download ROMS Using SNES4iOS:

This is pretty easy to do and is an awesome feature.

  1. Open SNES4iOS from your home screen
  2. Find and click the magnifying glass (search option) in the top right corner of the screen
  3. Google Search will open automatically with a list of ROM sources – click on the first options
  4. A list of available ROMs will load, choose anyone you want and click on it
  5. Click on the Download button and wait
  6. A message appears at the bottom of the screen to tell you the download has started
  7. When it is done, a popup message will appear; click on Done
  8. You will go back to the SNES4iOS app screen, and your ROMs will be there – click on the one you want to play
  9. Click on Launch Normally and enjoy

TweakBox Errors:

TweakBox is an excellent third-party installer, offering users a great alternative to jailbreaking. Inside, as well as emulators like SNES4iOS, there are thousands of other games, apps, and other content. Much of it has been modified with cool new features. However, although it’s a great installer, it isn’t without its problems – if you struggle to install TweakBox, you cant get SNES4iOS so read on to find out how to solve those irritating TweakBox errors:

TweakBox won’t Download:

A common error and an easy one to resolve:

  1. Delete TweakBox of your device and reboot
  2. Install TweakBox again
  3. It should work now

This seems to arise when you are trying to install TweakBox on a device that already has a version of the installer on it and causing conflict to arise.

TweakBox Stopped Working:

This happens because the source is unverified:

  1. Delete TweakBox and reinstall it
  2. Open your Settings app and tap on General
  3. Tap on Profiles and then tap the TweakBox certificate
  4. Tap on Trust/Verify and close settings

TweakBox will be working again

Blank or White Screen/Greyed Out Icons:

Both of these are easy to fix in exactly the same way:

  1. Open your iOS Settings app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Go to the Safari section
  3. Tap the Clear Website Data option
  4. Close Settings and go back to TweakBox – the screen and icons will be back to normal.

If you can fix these TweakBox errors, you can get SNES4iOS on your iPhone or iPad.

This s one of the safest and easiest ways to play your favorite Nintendo DS games on your iOS device. And, by using TweakBox to install it, you get away from having to jailbreak first, plus you get free access to a ton of other apps and games. SNES4iOS is currently enjoying a status of the best emulator apps od download it and enjoy your favorite retro Nintendo DS games once more.

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