Overcast for iOS now has support to easily share videos and audio clips of podcasts

Overcast can be considered as one of the best podcasting apps out there currently. Now it is introducing a new feature that should make it even more useful to listeners: you can easily share videos of podcasts that are up to 1-minute long, either in video or audio form. Just simply choose to share a clip and you’ll get a basic timeline editor, complete with different aspect ratios to make video clips social-friendly.

The app’s latest update brings on some added features and now allows users to converts an excerpt of any podcast into a short video, which can then be shared on social media, (or by email or text message). Developer and Overcast founder Marco Arment notes in a blog post that people have long been able to share podcast episodes, but that it’s been a cumbersome process, and that it’s easier to share a short video than it is an audio link. Overcast should make it much easier for listeners to share bits and pieces of podcasts they find interesting or funny. He writes:

“Podcast sharing has been limited to audio and links, but today’s social networks are more reliant on images and video, especially Instagram. Podcasts need video clips to be shared more easily today.

I’ve seen some video clips from tools specific to certain podcast networks or hosts, but they were never available to everyone, or for every show. So people mostly just haven’t shared podcast clips, understandably, because it has been too hard.”

To share any clip in the app you just have to click on the share icon at the top right-hand corner, and then select the “Share Clip” option. This will direct you to the interface to select the desired segment of the episode you’re listening to. You can then customize it a bit and share it as straight-up audio, a vertical, landscape, or square video, and add on a “Shared from Overcast” badge if you so wish.

Overcast is available on the App Store as a free download.


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