NEW DELHI: The legislature is intending to nullify all posts which are empty for over five years and has guided all services and office to present an extensive account of it.

In an office memorandum, the Finance Ministry said it had asked all ministries and departments to submit an action taken a report regarding the abolition of posts which are vacant for more than five years.Some departments and ministries have responded but some, instead of providing a comprehensive report, have submitted the requisite information in a piecemeal manner, it said.

In this manner, budgetary consultants and joint secretaries (organization) of all services/divisions are asked for to distinguish the posts which are empty for over five years and present a far-reaching report on the cancelation of such posts in fundamental service and their separate subordinate associations as early as possible.

Following this, the Ministry of Home Affairs has coordinated all its extra secretaries, joint secretaries, head of paramilitary powers and other connected associations to submit exhaustive reports.

It should without a doubt come as a shock to numerous that there really are government work posts empty for a long time or more since many thousands dependably appear to apply for the littlest of employment.

The journey of preparing such reports hasn’t been a smooth one and had its share of difficulties as not all services and offices gave a far-reaching report, with some giving just incomplete data.

As per a preparatory gauge, there are a few thousand focal government posts which are lying empty for at least five years.