Madhya Pradesh Elections: India TV-CNX Poll suggests a fourth time victory for BJP in the state

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The second opinion poll conducted by IndiaTV-CNX reaffirms the early opinion poll survey done by it that revealed that BJP may win for a record fourth term in the state, however with lesser number of seats as predicted by the first survey. Last month an opinion poll aired by IndiaTV-CNX showed that BJP might get 128 seats while the Congress 85 seats. Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) was expected to win eight seats and others nine seats in the 230-seat Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections.

However in the latest Opinion Poll the BJP is expected to win 122 seats, six seats short of what it was expected to win in the first poll survey. In any case, BJP still holds the upper hand and will likely come back to power in the state for the fourth time. In the 2013 Assembly poll, the BJP had won 165 seats.

Meanwhile, the Congress party in the state is expected to grab 95 seats according to the survey which is an increase of 37 seats as compared to the 2013 elections where the Congress party managed to win just 58 seats.

Mayawati’s Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) which has decided to contest the polls on its own in the state was expected to win eight seats in the first survey. However, the latest poll survey suggests that BSP could win only 3 seats as compared to the last elections where it won four seats. Others are expected to win nine seats in the 230-seat Madhya Pradesh Assembly elections.

In a region wise distribution of seats, the poll reveals that in Malwa-Nimad region,BJP may get 42 seats while Congress 26. BSP is unlikely to get any seat in this region. The opinion Poll predicts a good lead for BJP in Bhopal region which is expected to win 13 seats while congress 12. In Chambal region, BJP may win 14 seats, Congress 15, BSP 1. In Mahakoshal region BJP is likely to win 27 seats while Congress 22. In Baghelkhand region the incumbent party is ahead on 26 seats and congress on 23 seats.

The state will got to polls on November 28.


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