CBI finds property and bank documents linked to Stayender Jain in a corruption case

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Satyender Jain has been linked to a corruption case relating to the Delhi Dental Council. The case involved a bribery of rupees 4, 73, 000 rupees. The CBI found property and bank accounts linking Delhi’s Health Minister to the case. This comes when the CBI is already investigating another case where Jain has been found to be involved.

The Delhi Dental Council case

The CBI has been investigating a case involving the Delhi Dental Council Registrar Rishiraj. Both Rishiraj and lawyer N. Pradeep have been accused in a bribery case, involving 4, 73, 000 rupees. The CBI was investigating all the bank accounts and various areas that were associated with the case. When they raided the Rishiraj and lawyer Pradeep’s houses they uncovered wealth amounting to 24 lakh rupees and 500 gm of gold.

In the process, they uncovered that even Satyender Jain may be linked to the case. They came across a locker at the minister’s house which contained property documents and bank deposits amounting to 2 crore rupees. Jain is said to be the director of the company named in the documents. At Rishiraj’s residence, they discovered documents pertaining to JJITL Estate Private Limited of which Jain was the director.

The defense

The minister has also come under the scanner in another corruption case last year. The minister and his wife have been accused of possessing wealth of 1.62 crores illegally between 2015 and 2017. AAP spokespersons have said that this is another ploy to frame the minister. According to them, the BJP hasn’t been able to pin the minister in any other case. They also claim, that the minister is not involved in any illegal activity and everything has been declared in his income tax returns. Whether or not he is in fact guilty, is still up for debate. If it is indeed a ploy to frame the minister in the case, then it would seem rather elaborate.