Discontent over introducing bills through revised list, Speaker Om Birla assures positive action

Opposition leaders on Thursday alleged that the government is continuously treading the line of introducing bills at the eleventh hour without prior information to the other members. Though Parliamentary affairs minister Pralhad Joshi rejected the allegations, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla has assured an affirmative action on the issue.

The members have demanded that the adequate amount of time must be given to them prior to the introduction of bills in the house. For addressing their concerns, Lok Sabha Speaker emphasized that he will personally ensure that all the members are informed in one day advance.

To give more weight to the issue, Heavyweight politicians of Congress such as MP Adhir Ranjan Chowdhury, Shashi Tharoor, Kalyan Banerjee, DMK MP Kanimozhi lent their valuable opinions. TMC MP Sugata Roy argued that nobody has the authority to change the parliamentary functioning, citing from Lok sabha manual.

“My point of order is on rule number 25 and rule number 31 (1). A list for business
of the day shall be prepared by the secretary-general and a copy of same shall be
made available for the use of every member. In yesterday’s list of business three
bills were there. Suddenly this morning we see that some other bills are included.
The parliament cannot function at the whims of fancies of anyone. Neither the
parliamentary affairs minister nor secretary-general can change the parliamentary
functioning at will”, Sugata Roy said in Lok Sabha.

TMC MP Kalyani Banerjee also pointed out that the power by government is being exercised arbitrarily, while Kanimozhi called it an “everyday affair” to introduce bills at the last hour.

Pralhad Joshi called for everyone’s support and informed the house that the bills were circulated prior to the introduction. But opposition leaders are blaming the government for ignoring the directions of the house.

In the first session of 17th Lok sabha, 10 ordinances are ready to become laws. One of these prominent bills is Muslim Women (Protection of rights on marriage) which was passed on Tuesday by Rajya sabha.


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