Karnataka Congress to kick-start preparation for by-poll elections

On Wednesday, In a top party meeting, Congress announced that it will start its preparation for Karnataka by-poll elections in 17 constituencies, owing to the disqualification of rebel legislators.

The source said that the preparation for elections will start soonest and for the same, a senior leader’s meeting has been convened on Thursday. To oversee the election process, senior party leaders will be commanding the role of responsibilities in these constituencies.

On Sunday, 17 rebel MLAs of Congress-JDS alliance has been disqualified under Anti-Defection law (under 10th schedule) by the then assembly speaker Ramesh Kumar based on complaints received by concerned parties. Fourteen MLAs from Congress and three MLAs from JD(S) abstained from voting in the assembly house which led to the collapse of HD Kumaraswamy government. And since Congress has lost many MLAs, it has to begin the search for fresh candidates.

“Some places strong candidates have gone, they have won two, three, four times. Individual leaders will travel in those constituencies to assess the situation and find the candidate also.” Top party sources confirmed.

On a question about their alliance with JD(S), Top party sources were quoted saying that party workers are “happy that in a way we are out of alliance now.” He told that both parties may not fight elections together but can have an understanding.

“What kind of understanding will depend on the situation, as we did during the local body polls, or else both parties will not get any benefit.” He said.


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