Modi is misleading the people, not accepting the reality: Akhilesh Yadav

akhilesh yadav

While addressing the rally at the foundation stone laying ceremony of the Yadav Dharmshala in Vrindaban, former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Akhilesh Yadav attacked Narendra Modi once again.

The Samajwadi Party Chief said that Prime Minister Narendra Modi was misleading the people regarding the economic situations in the country. He said that Modi is not ready to accept the reality of what impact his experiments of demonetisation and GST are having on the economy of India. He further added that Modi was misleading the people by showing them the false dreams of loan waiver for the farmers. Attacking the BJP-led government Akhilesh said that no other party lied as much as BJP did.

“From luring farmers with the loan waiver scheme to corruption and increasing the income of the common man, the BJP has “deliberately mislead the people to the extent that my party could not come to power,” Yadav said.

He alleged that during the election campaign the BJP government had made promises like the loan waiver to the farmers but did not give the specifications. When the time came to fulfil the promises, the BJP ruling government in Uttar Pradesh only kept adding riders to the promise, which made the things complicated and ultimately resulted in most of the farmers being deprived of the loan waiver.

The SP Chief also added that the failure of the experiments of demonetisation and GST has forced the people to come out on the roads and protest against the Prime Minister. He also disagreed with the claim made by Modi that demonetisation has helped in eradicating corruption in India. He also pointed out that the Modi government has promised to double the income of the farmers by 2022, but looking at the prevailing situations so far, only the opposite has happened, the poor are getting poorer.

The former Chief Minister also attacked the incumbent Chien Minister Yogi Adityanath, alleging that even the Yogi government has cheated the farmers in Uttar Pradesh. He said that the Yogi government claimed that it had allotted Rs 400 crores for the potato growers, however, the potato growers of Kannauj, Farrukhabad, Agra and Mathura were not even getting the cost price for their produce. He further added that the farmers were even unable to take advantage from the Kisan Durghatna Yojna.

Akhilesh Yadav also brought up the tragic incident of the death of children in Gorakhpur accusing the Yogi government to be responsible for it. He accused that the ruling government in Uttar Pradesh also hid the real data from the public. He said that according to the data, around 60 children had died in the Gorakhpur incident, whereas the reality is that the death toll is in hundreds.

Criticising the Yogi government of being unsympathetic towards the families who lost their children in the Gorakhpur incident, Akhilesh said that the ruling government had not even provided any relief funds to the families of the deceased. Boasting about his party he said that while the Yogi government failed to help the families of the deceased, the Samajwadi Party gave Rs 2 lakh each to the victim’s family.

The former Chief Minister in order to gain the confidence of the people also demanded the reservation for the Yadavs saying that “We don’t want to deprive the claim of anyone, however, Yadavs may be given reservation on the basis of their population.”