Sun. Feb 5th, 2023

The political battle in Chattisgarh heated up sheen a no trust motion moved by the Congress against the Raman Singh-led BJP government in Chattisgarh was defeated by a voice vote in the assembly on Saturday. 14-hour debate started afternoon on Friday and ended at 2:10 AM on Saturday.

Several issues including SEX CD case, Corruption, and law and order situation were raised between this motion. But the chief minister of Chattisgarh Raman Singh called the allegations ‘direction-less and baseless’.

Also, he added ‘The Congress has made a failed attempt to mislead people’. He said in his reply “In the last 15 years, the Congress has failed to play the role of responsible and constructive opposition”.Also, the no-confidence motion is baseless and unplanned.
In his one-hour post statement, he also concludes that Congress ” has failed to raise even one issue regarding this motion or a piece of evidence”.

Presently BJP is ruling almost 70 percent of the country including major states like (Uttar Pradesh, Bihar) While Congress has shrunk to only six percent of the country. Including states like (Punjab, Mizoram and Pondicherry).

Earlier the leader of the opposition TS Singh Deo said that the government didn’t complete their promises and failed the city.
Meanwhile, this was the weakest motion proposed by the congress.

The state is under rule by BJP since 2003 (15 years).

Interestingly the state assembly election will occur next year that’s why all opposition party try to manipulate the typical vote bank of BJP by targeting them on the basis of corruption and other allegations.

After the 14-hour debate motion was put to a voice vote and was defeated. Speaker Gaurishankar Agrawal then completed other formalities of the house and adjourned the assembly.

In the winter session, Congress had 168 points. But now the number reduced to 15. Just like the governance of Congress in the country, its charge sheet has also shrunk.

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