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Make a good first impression with Instagram bio ideas

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Your Instagram bio is as important as an introduction – it’s that all-important first impression, and provides some key information about your business to visitors.

Without a good Instagram bio ideas Shopify strategy, you may well miss out on sales from users who are engaging with brands on Instagram more than on Twitter.

Fortunately, Instagram gets some of the most hectic engagement, so in 150 characters or less, you need to highlight essential information about your business and showcase your brand’s personality in such a way as to persuade people to follow you.

Eye-catching bio targets the best audience

An eye-catching bio that has been carefully created will target the best audience, and new visitors will quickly understand what your business is all about. If they’re attracted to what you’ve put there, there is every chance of them tapping the follow button.

If you are in a certain industry niche, for instance, you need to mention this in your Instagram bio to help you immediately connect with the right crowd. By writing an Instagram bio that speaks directly to your target audience, you attract quality followers who are interested in your brand and who are more likely to become customers.

Also, the name field in your bio is separate to your username which means you’re able to customize the name field without changing your username. The words in the name field are also searchable on Instagram. Using your Name field for targeted keywords is a good strategy for your brand to be discovered and to get more followers. You just have to try and imagine what keywords your followers are searching for on Instagram.

Post content that excites

There are also Instagram features that you can use to create a profile where users can understand your business and more importantly, how they can respond and take action. The key component of an Instagram Shopify strategy is knowing who you’re targeting so that you can post content that excites and interests them.

Your Instagram bio is the place to add in a call to action and for this, you need to tell them what you would like them to do. You maybe want to ask them to follow you on Instagram and to this end, you want to provide an email for them to encourage them to get in touch with you.

Your websites URL drives traffic

Instagram also only allows you one clickable link, found at the bottom of your bio, and a good idea is to display your website’s homepage URL so as to drive traffic to your site. A profile username or hashtag added to your Instagram bio will become clickable links so that when you include ‘#’ in your bio, it becomes clickable.

There are a number of features to creating a catchy, but professional Instagram bio for your brand and you can always try out the like of different emojis, change the text and add calls to action, and then the idea is to see which change you brought about resonates best with your audience.

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