Messi wishes to move on from his recent bid

Lionel Messi said that he wishes to move on from his recent bid to walk out of the club. The Barcelona captain called for everyone to pull together and help the team have a successful season.

Messi handed Barca an official notice in August of his desire to terminate his contract. However, he eventually decided to stay for the coming season which is the last on his current deal. He did so as he did not want to face a legal battle with the club.

After rowing back on his decision to leave, Messi continued to attack club president Josep Maria Bartomeu in a September interview and also criticised the club for their treatment of Luis Suarez, who left Barca for Atletico Madrid.

However, in an interview with a Barcelona-based newspaper, he said that he no longer wanted to take any fights with the club.

“After so many arguments, I would like to bring an end to everything. We all have to be united and assume that the best is yet to come. We must always be united and pull in the same direction,” Messi said.

“I take responsibility for my errors and if they existed, it was only to make Barcelona better and stronger.”

Messi also stated that he regretted hurting the club’s supporters. He stressed on the fact that at that time he believed that leaving the team would benefit the club.

He said, “If at any moment, any of them were annoyed by something that I said or did, let there be no doubts that anything I did was always with the club’s best interests in mind.”


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