Artha India Venture to invest in early-age startups


Artha India Ventures is breaking the flow and trying to do something different for the startups, which are not so established but have a positive and resourceful idea and plans to grow significantly in the coming few years. The company is owned and managed by the former director of BSE, Ashok Damani, he’ll soon submit the application to the SEBI and get their venture registered. They are looking forward to connecting with the poor startups with the rich idea and can help them by providing funding and consultancy.

According to a media report, it’s coming that angel network platform Indian Angel Network had floated its fund to ₹350 Crore and use the funds to expand the business globally soon after getting registered. They are in talking terms with investors who uplift the global market and secure their funds by getting a return. In this early stage, they planned to start providing their support to the startups not more than ₹7 Crore.

The investment will be given by the Artha India Ventures and Singularity Holdings, who made an investment in the lingerie brand Clovia and fashion e-commerce portal StalkBuyLove to support them in growing and the provided funds turned them up and given an extra push towards success.