Byju’s launches new app version for improved one-on-one learning

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Byju, most funded Indian Edtech startup has launched a new version of its app to create personalised one-on-one learning experience. The new app versions uses big data analytics to provide a personalised experience to students and to remember their choices for the future.

Byju Raveendran, CEO of Byju’s stated on the launch that the journey had started with the offline model of one teacher for 1000 students. However, last couple of years, his team has worked hard to make personalised learning more practical and with this version of the app, students will be able to able to better plan their studies for better results.

The new app version tracks the learning activities of the students and helps them with personalised feedback. It provides personalised recommendations and manages their learning curve. The company is reportedly focusing on building a system which promotes individual learning.

It has also launched an app called Parent Connect to update parents about the progress of their kids.