Storecheq Innovation Pvt. Ltd. announces first GiftTech platform

Storecheq Innovation Pvt. Ltd. announced the launch of India’s first GiftTech platform known as The company is also aiming to give $40 Billion gifts to the Indian market. Storecheq provides a digital gifting currency service to all its users and this will be universally acceptable across hundreds of retail & online brands. By availing the services any person can gift and redeem it instantly over the web. This is entirely free for the sender and the receiver, both.

Vivek Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO of Storecheq has mentioned that “Gifting, despite having billions of industry in India and growing at 30% annually, is plagued with inefficiencies and age-old processes. Storecheq’s innovative GiftTech model aims to unlock and enhance the experience in gifting in a manner similar to how Fintech companies are revolutionizing monetary transactions. Over the last 3 months, we have seen wide acceptance by Corporates, who have discovered the enormous advantages of using Storecheq for their employee rewards & business gifting programs. We will be shortly launching our merchant gift card feature, which will allow any retailer to start a gift card program for his business. Our vision is to empower every retailer with gift card technology and bring an amazing choice of redemption options to our customers, including their neighborhood stores.”

In the initial days, Storecheq has partnered with over 100 leading retail & online brands across India and working very hard to expand their network and to get connected with more retailers and mill owners.