Apple to develop 6G technology, posts job opening looking for engineers

Apple Inc recently posted a job listing specifying that they are looking for engineers to work on 6G wireless connectivity. Apple seems to develop its 6G connectivity so that they do not have to rely on partners like Qualcomm for upcoming technologies.

Apple posted the job openings on their website. The job titles include “Wireless Research Systems Engineer – 5G/6G” and “RAN1/RAN4 Standards Engineer”. The listing was issued by The Cupertino, a California-based company, asking interested candidates for the above-mentioned roles at Apple’s offices in Silicon Valley and San Diego, where the company works on wireless technology development and chip design. 

The listing mentioned that the engineers will be working on next-generation connectivity standards like 6G. According to network connectivity experts, 6G won’t roll out before 2030, however, Apple wants to lead the industry by working on the next-gen wireless connectivity.

Apple’s latest smartphone iPhone 12 series features 5G connectivity developed by Qualcomm. Apple allied with Qualcomm last year and relied heavily on the chipset manufacturer for modems. 5G network capability increases the downloading and uploading speeds of the device to the internet.

Now, it seems like this is going to change. Apple has laid the groundwork for developing their modems with 6G capability and avoid using Qualcomm modems. Apple did the same thing last year when they broke their alliance with Intel for the processor and started manufacturing their SoC for MacBooks. Recent reports suggest that Apple might be working on the next generation of the M1 chipset launched last year.

Apple recently joined an alliance “Next G Alliance” along with LG and Google to work together on future technologies. The purpose of this alliance is to standards and objectives of upcoming technologies like 6G. 5G was rolled out recently and even some countries do not have access to 5G yet. According to reports, 6G’s downloading speed is going to 100 times faster than 5G. There has been no confirmation from the organization regarding the specifications and timeline.

Apple, as a manufacturer, believes in a total end-to-end integration of hardware, software, and accessories and they do not believe in relying on other manufacturers. Apple has to do a lot of work to make use of the infant 5G technology. With the job offerings, Apple is less likely to come up with a 6G modem but 5G modem for their smartphones.