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Google Action gets some new integrations

Google Action

Since the introduction of Google Action, it has been gaining more and more new features. Now it seems like it is the backbone of everything that user can do in Google Assistant with third party services and apps. As currently, Google is trying to include Assistant everywhere, they will become more fundamentals. Now, these actions will be more fundamental to the way a user interacts with its phones, speakers, TVs, etc. Now with some new announcement about Actions from the Google I/O 2018 will help developers achieve more with Actions on Google. According to the announcements there are a lot of new options coming for developers soon from the Annual developer conference. Now developers can also customize visuals for the upcoming Smart Displays with a background image, fonts, and color themes.

New updates for Google Action from Google I/O 2018:

With the new updates developers also have now more ways to grab new users. This will be possible due to a new intent library that Google is now indexing. For example, if any user wants to open a particular app, but they doesn’t know the exact name of an Action for that. With new updates they can easily say “let me open an app,” and if the developer of that app has assigned that intent for their app, Google Action will show up the suggested actions for users to choose, regardless of the name of app.

Now users can also use Actions as a part of their custom routines. Now the Actions will also suggest users to add those Actions after they have finished their task. It will make it easier for users to implement an action as the part of their routine. Now Actions on Google will also allow users to ask Assistant to do something directly inside a specific app.

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