WhatsApp has recently been spotted testing a new feature that will allow the users to log out of devices in which they had logged in. WhatsApp beta for iOS version, which carries this logout feature, was tested by WhatsApp.

This update suggests that WhatsApp is closing in on releasing the stable version for both Android and iOS where users can use the same account on multiple devices. 

WaBetaInfo recently shared a video that shows how iOS users can unlink their accounts from any device they had previously logged in. To logout from a device, the users will get an option under the Settings > Accounts tab.

According to the video, the ‘Delete My Account’ option will be replaced with ‘Log Out’, which might change with future updates. The video states that this feature will be available for Android devices as well. The video also stated that this feature works for both WhatsApp Messenger and WhatsApp Business.

Till now WhatsApp allows users to use an account on a single device only. Currently, the users need to either uninstall WhatsApp or delete the account if they want to log out from a device, which leads to data loss if not backed up properly. With the upcoming feature logout from devices, it is going to be useful for users.

WhatsApp’s multi-device support feature has been the talk of the town since its testing and with this new logout feature, WhatsApp seems to release the stable version any time soon. This logout feature is important for users to unlink their accounts from devices in which they had logged in.

Reportedly, WhatsApp is working on developing this multi-device support feature in two forms, one for WhatsApp Web and another is for multiple devices to use the same account. The first form will allow the users to use WhatsApp web on their laptops or desktops without having to connect their primary smartphone with the internet.

Currently, if you are using WhatsApp web, you need to connect your main phone with the internet. The second form will allow the users to link their WhatsApp account with multiple devices and can use them independently and the primary device does not need an internet connection. The limit, for now, is four devices, which might change in the future with updates, the report said.

However, linking multiple devices with a single account raises security concerns. With WhatsApp’s previous controversial update to share data with Facebook companies, if the user links multiple devices with the same account, WhatsApp will be able to collect data from the devices, which can be used by Facebook companies.

WhatsApp has delayed the implementation of this controversial update. According to a report released by NPCI(National Payments Corporation of India), WhatsApp shared that there has been a reduction in the UPI payments done through WhatsApp. This reveals that users are losing trust in WhatsApp.

The company has not revealed any date for the release of the stable version but is expected to roll it out soon for the users.