Oracle’s internet intelligence map tracks health of internet

Oracle corporation

Oracle disclosed about the ”Internet Intelligence Map” to monitor the status and disruptions in global internet services. The company providing the user with a simple graphical map to gain insight into the impact of events such as natural disasters or state-imposed interruptions.

The development team is working with a company from last ten years and helped to break some of the biggest stories about the internet, from BGP hijacks to submarine cable breaks. Companies Internet Intelligence team frequently publishes data and analysis that informs public understanding of the technical factors of the internet and its effects on topics like geopolitics and e-commerce.

The internet is the world’s most important network, yet it is incredibly volatile. Disruptions on the internet can affect companies, governments, and network operators in profound ways,As a result, all of these stakeholders need better visibility into the health of the global internet. With this offering, we are delivering on our commitment to making it a better, more stable experience for all who rely on it.”said Kyle York, vice president of product strategy for Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and the general manager for Oracle’s Dyn Global Business Unit.

This map is powered by Oracle cloud infrastructure which aims to improve cloud services and accelerate big data analytics. The Internet Intelligence Map is free to use by anyone and anywhere. This project will show country level statistics based on traceroutes, BGP, and DNS query. You can able to track them all on a single dashboard.

Oracle Internet Intelligence Map

It has comprehensive internet performance data sets which will enable use to access real-time data experience and provide quality predictions about threat engaged to the network.

Multinational giant focused on the system since it acquired the cloud-based Internet performance and DNS provider Dyn in 2016.


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