Vivo Apex Review : Bezel-less smartphone that pops-out camera to take selfie

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In the Mobile World Congress(MWC) 2018, Vivo was a lesser known brand in Europe. Anyway, the same brand produced one of the most exciting smartphones on the show floor: Vivo’s Apex concept.

We have seen the phone bezel shrink eventually, but the supreme concept takes that idea and walks with it. For example, Marathon runs with it, with just 1.8mm Black Stuff, on its OLED screen. These prove it actually the most free-to-phone; a phone that we have ever seen – apart from the Xiaomi Mi Mix 2 offer. There is a pop-up selfie camera instead of another normal lens built in Bezel of the device. This is an audio technology called Screen Sound Casting, which looks like coming out of the display. Moreover, the fingerprint sensor is almost embedded in Bezel- Free screen.

Vivo has also included “semi screen in-display fingerprint scanning technique”. This is different from the current biometric sensor technology, in which there is a fingerprint in a while. Two fingerprints do not need to be related to the same person. – Vivo’s representative said that the spouse can store their prints together so that they can unlock the phone at the same time.

Design & Camera

“In-screen fingerprint sensors have been working for a while, but companies are unable to take it in any device. Both Apple and Samsung are rumors for this feature, only to find out that the technology was not trusted. Both companies rejected the virtual sensor in their flagship. Apple said in an interview that it was always planning to use Face ID.”

Source: The Verge

It comes in front of where the front camera should be placed, however, the Apex concept has bumped it on the top of the handset. Press Selfie button in the camera app and a motor camera extend the body of the camera from the upper side and when the app is closed it will be closed too automatically it sounds cool right. Squeezing a camera module in this special concept means that the body is not too thin in some form of competition, though it is well finished and feel perfect while holding on hand.

Source: CNET


So, on this device, Android is running on Vivo Apex concept, different experiences in this guide. The company has selected another iPhone-style swipe-up menu, in which the left corner swipe down from the top display notification, increasing the shortcut icon and the currently open app (in a scrollable list). Swipe down in the center of the screen, applied due to the lack of a normal Android soft key. The software may not be so hot for a specific Android or iPhone user, but Vivo Apex Concept is loaded with good ideas.

Source: CNET


‘For now, the device is just a concept, which means that there is no cost or availability. And it is unclear whether Apex can be produced extensively, but in the far-flung future, look for some of the next-generation features coming to your nearby smartphones.’


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