Google One to replace Drive online storage plans

Google is now getting some improvements for its cloud storage for paid customers. Google announced a new plan called Google One. Furthermore, Google will now replace its current online Drive storage plans. The new plans will offer more storage at lower prices. Google’s new plans will pose a major challenger to Apple’s iCloud storage with the new pricing. However, the new plans will be currently available on a limited basis, that will start with the US.

According to a statement on Google-One page, any user with a paid Google Drive storage plan will automatically be upgraded to the new Google’s storage over the coming months. It also states that users will get a confirmation email when they will be moved to the new Google storage plans.

What’s the need to change to Google One:

Google last updated its storage plans in 2014 which was in response to price drops from rival Dropbox. Now Google is making the competition even hard with these new prices. Now it will be adding a new tier of plans and also it will be dropping prices as part of the Google’s new online storage roll out. That’s not over yet, Google has also promised enhanced support and more benefits for One subscriber in future.

With an increase in Google storage plans, users will get its benefits in apply to multiple Google’s services. For example, adding more storage to user’s account will give them more space for Gmail, Google Photos, and general file storage in Drive. This could be a little confusing as the old storage plans show up as part of Drive. The new Google One plans will also provide users some other advantages. Now users can add up to five family members to their plan and simplify storage under one bill.


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