Tuesday, May 18, 2021

AMD Epyc to take over 10% of Total Server CPU market by 2020

AMD seems to be on the path to capture major server processor market share from Intel in the coming years with its Epyc Rome...

Microsoft expands Azure Advantage program; Gives away 500 patents to startups

Microsoft announced a major expansion of its Azure IP Advantage program, which provides its Azure users with protection against patent trolls. Microsoft is expanding...

Amazon Web Services announces Glacier Deep Archive; to offer cloud storage at $1/TB

Amazon Web Services has announced its Amazon S3 Glacier Deep Archive and is available at about $1/TB/month, the lowest data storage cost in the...
vps vs dedicated

Virtual Private Server (VPS) vs Dedicated Server : Which one do you need?

Web hosting is one of the major things behind the success of all the online services. The performance, speed, and uptime of your website...

Shared Hosting vs Virtual Private Server (VPS) : Which is a better choice?

Web hosting is needed for every business looking to have an online presence. No matter how small or big business you have, if you...

Cloud Hosting: An efficient choice for small businesses & startups

As the world embraces technology, new businesses are finding their way into the market. The vibrant startup-landscape is rife with entrepreneurs trying to make...