Stronger 7.1 magnitudes earthquake rattles Southern California for 2nd time

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A stronger earthquake of 7.1 magnitudes measuring on the Ritcher Scale has on Friday rattled Southern California, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS), in the biggest tremor to hit the region in two decades.

According to BBC news reports, the quake struck at a depth of about 0.9 kilometres (0.6 miles) and the epicentre was nearby Califonia’s southern province of Ridgecrest, at least 240 kilometres north-east of Los Angeles.

It was reported by the Los Angeles Fire Department that nobody was reported injured, as well as, no casualties were reported immediately.

In an official statement, California’s authorities, after the fresh earthquake on Friday, said it had seen “no major infrastructure damage” after a survey was held in the city.

Moreover, no reports of power outages were also reported after the new earthquake.

The USGS said the stronger quake struck the nation at around 19:13 pm local time (03:19 GMT Saturday). Quoting local emergency personnel, the Los Angeles Times news reported there were reports of fires including other natural damages in the region.

Seismologists have been cautioning the city against the aftershocks of the Thursday earthquake, that could resume for a prolonged time period.

The strongest earthquake in two decades, measuring 6.4 magnitudes on the Ritcher Scale has jolted southern California on Thursday.

According to BBC news reports, the epicentre of the strongest quake was near the western US‘ California’s city of Ridgecrest. The quake struck the region at around 17:33 pm (UTC) on Thursday.

The quake was at least 240 kilometres (150 miles) north-east of Los Angeles, nearby California.


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