Tue. May 30th, 2023

Russia has opened two humanitarian corridors on Tuesday, in an effort to secure and ensure the return of besieged Syrian civilians by the United States forces in order to evacuate the displace people in al-Rukban Camp, in al Tanf area of the Syrian Homs.

In a statement, head of Russian National Center for State Defense Control General Lieutenant Mikhail Mezentsev said: “Due to the urgent need to address the problems of the displaced in al-Rukban Camp, two countries were opened in the towns if Jleighem and Jabal al-Ghurab on the outskirts of al-Tanf area to facilitate the evacuation of the civilian from the camp.”

According to Sanna News Agency reports, around 50 thousands displace Syrian people are taking refuge at al-Rukban Camp in the al-Tanf region where American forces were deployed, who are living under catastrophic humanitarian conditions.

Russian plan to open two corridors was announced about two days ago by the Syrian-Russian joint coordination committee in order to secure the return of besieged civilians.

Units of the Syrian Arab Army has together along with the Russian military forces will take charge of securing the safety of displaced Syrian people all the way to a new residential place.

Russian defence ministry spokesperson major general Konashenkov has said on February 15: “We call on the American command and leaders of illegal militant groups in the al-Tanf region to put an ende to the forcible keeping of women and children, mostly affected by cod, illness and malnutrition in the camp. All of them will be given necessary assistance.”

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