Alibaba to build its own AI chip to support Self driving Cars

Image Source: Google
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The Chinese Tech Giant is defining future

Willing to expand the network everywhere. The company is now thinking about the future and hopes for the best.

The tech giant wants to launch an AI inference chip in late 2019

The Company is now trying to step into the AI (Artificial Intelligence). Just like, Google’s self-driving car company Waymo, they want to get ahead in the race & are willing to put everything in to make the future more like what we would think the future to be.

Trying to be one of the lead technology innovators

Alibaba to create AI inference chips which will be handled by a Subsidiary. Co-founder and chairman Jack Ma stated at an event in Hangzhou this week.

The company is all into AI now & desires to self-develop these AI chips to walk into the Smart Lifestyle. They too, want to be pioneers in the Art of Self-Driving cars and the Smart Products. The AI inference chip will be down in the development line by 2nd Quarter of 2019.

Trying out the in-house production Self-Driving cars

All of this is taken into consideration after the company’s trial and testing in the field of Autonomous Self Driving Vehicles & Technology.

Complications started with Trade Tensions

Chinese Government has been more determined to produce home-made chips for everything tech related– particularly for use within the transport and healthcare sector — in a competition to raise its profile as a leading tech innovator, but this is majorly to avoid the over-reliability on US imports, which are continually under financial harm due to ongoing trade tensions.

For instance, President Donald Trump levied a 25% tariff on Chinese Goods worth $50 Billion, back in June.


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