Mercedes Benz registers record growth in India

Mercedes Benz
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Mercedes Benz, the luxury car-maker from Germany offered its customers with post GST benefit even before GST was implemented. Due to which its sale increases by 40% during the month of June, with a year on year growth of 18% in the second quarter of the year. The E-Class sedan retained its position of being the highest single selling model.
Till June 2017, the company recorder the growth of 8.7% in its sales by selling 7171 units. While, globally it recorded the sale of 1.14 million unit with the growth rate of 13.7%.
Roland Folger, MD & CEO of Mercedes-Benz India said that “We are confident of our leadership in the market by sustaining this growth story in the remaining quarters as well. The demand for the Long Wheelbase E-Class in particular has contributed immensely to our volumes. It is most satisfying to witness that our product introductions were highly appreciated by customers leading to a steady growth across the NGCs, sedans, SUVs and the performance cars”.