Audi drafts product offensive strategy for Indian market

audi plan offensive strategy

Audi will be picking up the speed and refocusing its services in the Indian market, which is known to be complex for the automobile companies. Last year the German brand launched modern and updated models, including the  A6 sedanQ8 SUVA8 L limousine and in July 2020, second-gen RS7 Sportback. The automaker is operating towards bringing in a pack of innovative products and technologies into the country, with the aim to resurrect the automobile industry.

Audi wants to lead the evolution of transformation and innovation in the automotive industry. For this purpose, the company is following a clear concept of sustainable mobility.

With this new approach, Audi is outlining the new reality by tackling both challenges and contradictions with self-reliance and by making the most of the opportunities provided. Audi is concentrating its resources on key projects


  • A whole range of Sedans and SUV’s to be launched in 2020

  • Audi sees potential in the Indian automotive industry

  • India to feature in Audi’s sustainable electrification strategy

New models to be launched

In a discussion with Autocar India, Hildegard Wortmann, member of the board of management for Sales and Marketing at Audi AG stated that the luxury car company has mapped out a five-year plan for India. Without revealing any aspects, she stated, “We have a full pipeline of expected product launches across divisions, from sedans to compacts to SUVs, as well as new technologies.”

The next product coming out of Audi will be the RS Q8 super-SUV that has been approved for launch in the market this month. Audi’s SUV Q2 will also be joining the Indian market later in the year and will form the entry point to the brand in the country.

New Audi models to be launched in 2020
The RS Q8 is the most robust Audi SUV to be launched in India

There are many more models lined for launch in India in the second half of the year including- facelifted A4 and Q7, as well as the second-gen Q3. The new A3 and Q5 facelift are to be introduced in India in 2021. The bevvy of new products is foreseen to sustain the luxury carmaker’s belief and stand toward strong rival(s) and though reacquiring the status it once had as the luxury segment leader in India “would always be unmistakably a vital milestone”, the board member indicated that the company will focus on excellence over quantity as it continues to work on the prospect of premium mobility.

Audi sees potential in the Indian luxury car market

The luxury car company deemed for just 1.2 per cent of the Indian car market with measured sales of 35,000-38,000 units in 2019. Nevertheless, quoting a 2019 study by the World Economic Forum, Wortmann explained that the Indian auto industry is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world and hence, the company sees substantial potential for expansion in the Indian market.

Audi India set a benumbed performance in 2019 with sales of 4,594 units, which was a decline of 28.91 per cent from the past year, and listing its third sequential drop. “We are informed that the quantity of our sales is still not where we want it to be. Still, we are assured regarding the potential that this country has for premium luxury cars in the medium to long term. We are committed to a sound Indian market,” said the sales and marketing head.

Audi to strongly focus on sustainable electrification

Electrification a significant directive for Audi as it plans to globally finance around €12 billion (roughly Rs 1.06 lakh crore) by 2024 to stimulate the progress of modern technology. By 2025, the company’s portfolio is promoted to incorporate 30 electrified models, of which 20 will be completely electric. Audi is also expected to grow the share of e-model sales to about 40 per cent of the total.

Constant electrification of the vehicle line will serve the company to achieve its marks. For that the company must provide right modifications to entirely leverage the potential, emissions can be reduced especially during production. The energy revolution also plays a decisive role: The use of green electricity tremendously promotes the life-cycle evaluation of electric cars.

Audi to strongly focus on electrification of vehicles
all-electric e-Tron SUV, which been already showcased in India.

In order to achieve such grand aims, the company is funding on working with other Volkswagen Group companies. The brand itself is joining hands with Porsche for the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) design that underpins the Porsche Taycan and Audi e-Tron GT. It will also be sharing Volkswagen’s MEB stands for compressed and mid-sized models.

Prominently, all brand-new Audi models proposed in the country, including the A6, A8 L, Q8 and RS7, sport mild-hybrid technology. In the coming future, the company will also be propelling the all-electric e-Tron SUV, which been already showcased in India.


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