IT department raids Gupta Borthers’ properties In India

Income tax officials raided the properties belonging to the Gupta Brothers on 6th March. The Gupta Brothers have been in the news for a corruption case involving the former South African president Jacob Zuma.

The brothers have been accused of amassing wealth through their friendship with Zuma. More than a dozen residences were investigated by the Income Tax officials in Saharanpur and Dehradun. Anil Gupta who manages the Gupta Brothers’ businesses in India was also questioned in relation to the case.

The three brothers Atul, Ajay and Rajesh left India in 1993 from Saharanpur. They recently halted in Dehradun and were provided with security by the government when they were flying out. The investigation also includes the construction of a Shiva temple in Saharanpur. The project involves an investment of 100 crore rupees. It involves their properties in Haqeeqat Nagar, houses spread all over Saharanpur and Dehradun, various lands procured on which temples have been constructed and businesses as well.

The raids upset the atmosphere in these various areas where the brothers are known for their kindness. Both Zuma and the brothers have denied any links to the accusations and cases in their names. The South African police also conducted raids on the Gupta Brothers’ property in the country. A top judge in South Africa is also looking into the matter whether the Brothers had any effect on the choice of cabinet ministers appointed and were awarded unlawful state tenders. The plot thickens with Cyril Ramaphosa South Africa’s new president coming down hard on corruption. South Africa’s prosecutor also declared Ajay Gupta a ‘fugitive from justice’. Another scam is not what India needs, in fact, it would much prefer a respite from scams and corruption at least for a while after the news of the PNB fraud has settled. But this was a long time coming.