Private and Public school students to learn under one roof; Punjab govt introduces Twinning School Program

Twinning Schools Programme in punjab

Punjab Government has put forward a kind initiative to let the students of government and private schools of Punjab visit, study and eat together. The introduction has been taken forward with the name of ‘Twinning of Schools Program,’ under the Department of School Education (DGSE) Punjab.

About the Program

Under Twinning of School Program, the private and government schools’ students of class 6th, 7th and 8th, will come together to perform the activities jointly. A day will be granted to the public schools to visit the schools affiliated to private boards and vice versa. The students there will be one unit irrespective of their schooling backgrounds.

They will be spending one whole day in each other’s school to observe and imbibe the qualities of different atmospheres. Other than performing academics they will be involved in craft activities, art and music, outdoor gaming and will celebrate the festivals together.The students of private school will be provided mid-day meal food alike the government students, during their visit .

The official notice for this has already been issued by the Director General of School Education Mohammad Tayyab. All private schools affiliated with Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE), Indian Certificate of Secondary Education (ICSE) and Punjab School Education Board (PSEB) will have to participate in the Twinning School Program.

“One day the students of government schools will visit the private schools while on another day the private school students will visit the government schools in order to exchange ideas. Strict directions have been issued to the schools to make well ad proper arrangements for the mid-day meals that will also be consumed by private schools. The visitors will be provided all other required facilities too,” DGSE said.

The program will be in implementation from May this year in the entire state of Punjab.


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