Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT), Chairman urges govt. to improve Indian education system

Vellore University Campus

Vellore Institute of Technology, Tamil Nadu is in constant headlines these days due to many reasons.

About the Institute

VIT institute of education, which is based in Tamil Nadu, India, resides its four campuses in Tamil Nadu (Vellore, Chennai), Andhra Pradesh (Amravati) and Madhya Pradesh (Bhopal). The institute is well known for its teaching and research excellence at global level and has strong link with the international universities. It was established with the aim of providing higher education standard at par with international standards. Here at VIT students from across 50 countries over the world and from entire Indian states are welcome to pursue the technological knowledge.

Why is the Institute in headlines?

The foremost reason being for its mention in the discussions is because VIT has earned top rank in the category of private institution for innovation. The award was presented by President of India during the NIRF ceremony, 2019.

Another reason of it in the news being that the institute celebrated the University day in its Chennai campus on April 2 and in Vellore campus on April 6, 2019 respectively. Have a look at the the key points that were separately covered at the events.

University Day, Chennai Campus (April 2, 2019)

  • The students and faculty members of the institute were awarded with a prize for excellence.
  • LifeCell International Private Limited Chairman, S Abhaya, Srisrimal Jain was the Guest of Honour.
  • A coin was released commemorating VIT Chancellor, G. Vishwanathan’s 80th birthday.

Some relevant points were raised by Mr. Vishwanathan-

  • Government must pump in resources to raise the standards and fund projects carried out in private colleges.
  • A minimum of 6 % of budget amount should be allocated for education; however, at present, the State and Centre are spending only around 4%. It is time to concentrate on education to create a better future.
  • Although the country is 6th largest economy in the world but in per capita income we stand at 139th position. It signifies that the income of individuals has not grown due to inequality.

University Day, Vellore Campus (April 6, 2019)

  • Justice, T. Raja, Judge, Madras high Court, Chennai was the Chief Guest of the function.
  • Dr. E. Natarajan, Professor and Director, Institute of Energy Studies, Anna University, Chennai was the Guest of Honour.
  • Approx 2,100 students received a scholarship of worth Rs. 90 lakhs.

Some relevant points were raised by the Chairman Mr. Vishwanathan-

  • Urged government to provide free quality education to all children in the country. According to him ,40 countries in the world offer higher education free to students of, which countries like Norway, Sweden, Germany, France etc. provide free education to foreign students too.
  • “It may not be possible for us to provide free education to foreign students but we must be able to give free education to our own children,” he stated.
  • EPSI (Education Promotion Society of India) has requested the gov. to increase the age limit of free and compulsory education (RTE act) to 14 years from excisting 12 years.



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