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Anand Gandhi’s ‘Ship Of Theseus’ questions our Existence! A Great Watch

A still from Ship Of Theseus

Usually, birth is considered the starting point while death is where everything ends. But different points of view can have different perspectives about it. Ship of Theseus, the title inspired from an experiment with the same name raises an unsolved question which in this film is very well related to the bridge between life and death. Three Life Stories that seem to be so real and relatable that you forget the fact that “It’s a movie.” Bringing changes in ourselves, does it change our real identity? We adopt many things from others be it good or bad, but does it somehow change the way we perceive our life? The movie goes too deep as it questions us with the purpose of our existence. 

A still from Ship Of Theseus

The first story follows a blind photographer, Aaliya Kamal (played by Aida El-Kashef). After losing her eyesight to infection, how her passion of capturing stories still continues as she follows a scene just with the ability to hear i.e through sounds. Though she is disappointed by her work and at last finds peace at a quite silent place. This film metaphorically conveys each story and director Anand Gandhi uses the paradox of Theseus to paint a portrait on life and existence.

A still from Ship Of Theseus

The second story takes us to a monk, Maitreya (played by Neeraj Kabi). He is fighting a battle as in a court case against the pharmaceutical companies which violate animal rights. Thi story is very well defined through each and every shot, all thanks to great cinematography. 

A still from Ship Of Theseus

The next story is of Navin, a young stockbroker who just had his kidney transplant. I will not tell much about this story as it will spoil the whole thing for you. But this one talks about our relationships and when we are stuck between two materialistic aspects of life. And later these three stories meet at a point of conclusion which makes us question our existence.

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