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Decoding Songs: ‘Ek Akela Is Shaher Mein’ conveys the story of Solitude

A still from Gharaonda

Life is not as easy as it seems or is essayed in fictional and fairy tales. A song from the 1977 film Gharaonda, ‘Ek Akela Is Shaher Mein’ clearly explains this aspect of life as the story and dreams of Sudip (Amol Palekar) crumbles down he is left only with his past memories and with the wish of having his own house in the city of Mumbai.

The memories of his lost love Chaya (Zarina Wahab) and his struggles haunt him daily and he lives in the phase of unwanted Solitude. In the song, we can see that Sudip roams all around the city as if he’s searching for something, maybe peace. The lyrics of the song indirectly talk about the tragedy of common people who, just for food and shelter undergo the hardships of a well-developed city. Sudip in his mid-age is in search of a reason to love as Loneliness is haunting him.

Stills of the song

Written by Gulzar, the lyrics really are beautiful as well as haunting. The song starts from a seaside, then to an under-construction building that unintentionally spots on their broken dreams. Few moments from the past are also highlighted, where we see a happy side of Sudip and Chaya’s life. Both being high on life and how circumstances lead them to different ways altogether.

“Inn umar se lambee sadkon ko manjil pe pohonchte dekha nahee
Bas daudatee phirtee rahtee hain hamne toh theherte dekha

The lines which indirectly sums up the whole story of the film, where dreams have been broken all that is left is an Unwanted Solitude.

Does the song connect well with the story of the film? What’s your say? Share it with us and stay tuned to The Indian Wire for more such articles.

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