“Every Government Office Ever ft. Yogesh Kathuria” by Samreen Ali on YouTube presents all the visits to offices in a nutshell

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Samreen Ali has posted a new video on her channel on July 6, 2019. The video “Every Government Office Ever Ft. Yogesh Kathuria” managed 11k views in the first hour itself.4

The video summarizes all your visits to the government offices and all the experiences that you must have had there are presented in this video. The video will definitely take you down the memory lane but that’s for you to decide whether your experiences were positive or not.

The first and foremost is that every officer will send you to some other table or in some other cabin because apparently, they won’t listen to someone else’s case or issue.  Bribing is not demanded openly now and this process has been reduced as well to a great extent.  But the waiting time has definitely not reduced.

The same old excuses that the manager is out or you didn’t bring all the required documents are still in fashion though.

Watch the video below or head over to Samreen’s YouTube channel.


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