“Gully Cricket Qtiyapa” By The Viral Fever on YouTube will leave you yearning for good old days

Gully Cricket Qtiyapa out on The Viral Fever

The Viral Fever’s new video “Gully Cricket Qtiyapa” is all set to make you nostalgic. The video was posted 40 minutes ago and has 75k views. With the World cup fever on, the fever of gully cricket can never take a back seat.

The title itself will make you nostalgic and the entire video will leave you longing for that one match again. The match that the neighbors hated and you loved. The chaos, the fights, the arguments, self-made rules, etc which used to piss you off earlier, will now make you smile.

The constant argument of who’s going to pick the ball from the drain, and who is going to bring back the ball once it goes out of the boundaries. And there always used to be these various boys, who would either flaunt their skills or wouldn’t get picked but will stay and hope to get a chance to bat once. The funniest part is when that one person comes and tries to use jargon, trying to mark his superiority but fails to perform.

Watch the video below and call your friends for a game of gully cricket and relive your good old days.


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