I miss watching Kapil Sharma’s show on TV, says Ishita Dutta!

Ishita Dutta

Actress Ishita Dutta says that she misses watching the Kapil Sharma‘s show titled ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on the television. Currently, actress Ishita Dutta is gearing up for her upcoming movie titled ‘Firangi‘ and she says that she used to love watching the Kapil’s show.

She says that every single person knows that Kapil Sharma is a very happy person and he is always good with his one-liners, and he has never tried hard to make his audience laugh. She says that he is the same person behind the camera also. But she says that she has observed one thing in him that how people love him.

In today’s time, we generally have to go to promote our upcoming movie at various places. Many a time she has seen that the live audience reacts to him like their superstar and his fans want him back on the television because they all miss watching him on the television. She herself says that she misses watching her favorite show title ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ on the screen. She feels that his show was a stress buster in our busy lives.

Her upcoming movie ‘Firangi’ is all set to release on Friday. In the movie, the actress is playing the role of a village girl named Sargi. The movie is set in the 1920’s Punjab and the story of the movie revolves around an Indian villager and in the movie, the audience will see how the villager goes through a lot of trouble while serving the British government.

The movie which is directed by Rajiev Dhingra and the movie has been produced by Kapil Sharma himself. The movie also features Kapil Sharma, Ishita Dutta, and Monica Gill in the lead role. In this movie, the makers are all set to bring back the charm of the old-school romance.

About her role which she is essaying in the movie was a very simple and a sweet girl from the 1920’s era. Later, in the movie, she falls in love with a guy and the most interesting part of the movie is Kapil and Ishita’s love story. She is a girl born in a time where mobile phones are very important one cannot imagine their life without the mobile phone. The role which she is essaying named Sargi waits for her beloved for months just to get his glimpse. The movie will bring back the old-charm of a love story.

Ishita says that she has a dream to work along with the director Sanjay Leela Bhansali because she feels that Sanjay is a very creative person and his creativity has a different level. His vision, his style of story-telling, his art and music in the movies are incredible. Every single thing in his movies mesmerizes her and moreover, she says that she is very much excited about his upcoming Indian period drama movie titled ‘Padmavati’. The movie ‘Padmavati’ features Deepika Padukone as Rani Padmini, Shahid Kapoor as Maharaja Rawal Ratan Singh and Ranveer Singh as Alauddin Khalji.