Kahaan Hum Kahaan Tum episode written update, November 6: Rohit and Sonakshi have romantic dinner

The episode begins with Sonakshi, who’s going to meet Naren with the prenup papers. She’s interrupted by Rohit on her way upstairs. There’s a brief flashback to the moment when Naren presents the prenup papers to Sonakshi.

She is shocked at this is sudden developments, and reads her privileges, which include, an income of 1 lakh every month. If she and Rohit ever separate, she won’t be able to take anything from the Sippy house, except her own personal belongings. Naren explains to Sonakshi that he’s not doing it because of her shortcomings, but because her mother decided to use their CA to find about the expenses and fiances.

Sonakshi confronts her mother, and scolds her for contacting a CA to deceive the Sippy family. She assures Suman that she’s a self sufficient woman who doesn’t need her husband’s money to survive. She goes back to Naren and asks him to forgive her mother. She also explains to him that she’s not a gold digger and won’t ever take advantage of their money. Naren is finally relieved, and withdraws the papers even though Sonakshi insists on signing them.

Raima tries to stop Rohit from meeting Sonakshi by telling that its bad luck to see the bride before the wedding ceremony, but he ignores her suggestions. He meets Sonakshi on the terrace and she asks him to make food for her. Mahesh lies to his boss that he’s travelling to his village to live with his family, and begins to proceed through his plans of marrying his Parvati.

Rohit makes noodles for Sonakshi, and she’s delighted. She asks him if he’ll always love her unconditionally, and Rohit says that he’s never loved anyone as much after his break up with Raima.

Raima watches Rohit and Sonakshi embracing, and is heartbroken. She runs to her mother, who begins to fill her mind with poison about the wedding.

Tomorrow: Mahesh tries to ruin Sonakshi’s haldi ceremony.


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