Raja Krishna Menon : Actors, directors must have naked relationship!

Actors, directors must have naked relationship: Raja Krishna Menon!

An Indian film director Raja Krishna Menon says that all the actors, directors must have the naked relationship. He says that he does not cast stars, he cast actors. He has worked with the big actors like Naseeruddin Shah, Akshay Kumar, and Saif Ali Khan. However, he says that all the directors and actors should have a naked relationship and this will help to give life to a character on the big screen.

Raja feels that an actor and director’s relationship is something where you really have to become naked as two people. It is the kind of the process where you have to shed whatever you are and let somebody allow to mold you into something else. However, it is a very difficult process and the one can be deeply insecure. He said that he has worked with the big stars and what he sees is that both the actor as well as the directors judge each other and they are having doubts in their mind. He says that with all such actors he has come to a point where the actors can deeply trust him and even he felt responsible. Actors along with the directors must agree with the each other’s imaginations.

Raja says that in his recently released movie ‘Chef’ he just wanted to put the light on those subjects which he personally believed and agreed on. He thinks that nobody would have watched movies like ‘Bareilly Ki Barfi’ or ‘Shubh Maglam Saavdhan’ if they were made five years ago. But in today’s time, people are not getting dependent on the market because of the word of mouth. Now, the makers of the movie have the freedom to explore and they are not having an excuse now they just have to make good movies.

He feels that the meaning of the words commercial has been changing these days and he says that if we look at the current state of the Indian box office, where even the off-beats movies are becoming sleeper hits. Even the storyteller of the movie is getting their due and today how you tell the story is considered more important than which actor is there in the movie and what song will that movie offer. These days audience says that if they are spending 300-400 Rs on the tickets then they want to watch the movie with the good story that worth their watching.

Raja says that there are many people in the industry that actually blames the audience for the debacle of commercial movies at the box office and Raja feels that it is the problem with the people who invest their money in the movies. Raja believes that audience is always ready for all types of the content and the problem has been the gatekeepers. The makers actually want to make the movies for the audience which they like watching, but there are some people in between and they are really scared as they have invested a lot of money into the movie.

He says that if he invests a large amount of money in the movie so definitely he will be asking the makers to make the movie which is working and he believes that the production job is very scary. Nowadays it is happening that the producers are putting money only on those scripts which are good. So it is a great time to be a storyteller.

His recently released movie ‘Chef’ features Saif Ali Khan, actress Padmapriya Janakiraman. The movie ‘Chef’ is an official remake of 2104 Hollywood movie with the same title. The movie which was directed by Jon Favreau. About his movie, Raja says that Chef was a realistic movie and the movie which deals with issues which we handle in our day-to-day lives. His movie ‘Airlift’ was a blockbuster movie and he said that movie allowed him to do more films that he always wanted to make. He made the movie ‘Chef’ with the same dedication.