Sonam Kapoor’s final beauty look for Cannes 2017 takes the gold

Actress Sonam Kapoor looks ravishing in her ‘golden girl’ look at Cannes. The actress has combined her outfit with her golden eye make-up which swept off the red carpet this year. She was wearing a gold gown from Elie Saab on her last day at the annual film festival. She played it well with the colour gold.

he actress enhanced her dark brown eyes with a wash of gold shadow mixed with black powder on the outer corner of eyes. Her glitzy eye make-up was defined by black kohl on the lower lash line connecting to her black liner on lids. This smoked out wing balanced out the ‘too gold’ shadow. And her nude pink lips balanced out the dramatic peepers and shimmery cheeks.

Looking exquisite in the outfit, she refrained from admitting that she had prepared a lot to appear at such a big event. However, despite of her saying this, her entry to the event looked quite grand.

Namrata Soni, Sonam Kapoor’s make up artist know what goes well with her personality she knows exactly when to play up and tone down her looks, which specific things to focus on and how to ensure that the finale is a grand one. After accompanying Sonam Kapoor to Cannes for the past couple of years, and ensuring she looks flawless every single time, she hit it out of the park even this year too with a stunning gold and black eye make-up look that only Sonam Kapoor can pull off.