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Top 10 Cooking Channels on YouTube Hosted by Indian Women

With the advent of the digital platform, a lot of opportunities have opened for all people to showcase their talent, belonging to different categories. And these women set an example for all those who say that they can’t do anything apart from cooking. These women not only cook delectable food but are hugely admired for their talent on the internet.

Following is a list of amazing cooking channels.


Nisha Madhulika makes vegetarian Indian food. The recipes are easy and the food does not only look good but is tasty as well. She has a 7.1M subscribers on her YouTube channel and she joined YouTube back in 2009. She has made more than 1400 videos as of now. Check out her youtube channel                          

Kabita Singh (Kabita’s Kitchen)

Kabita’s Kitchen is another YouTube channel, where you can go and learn some amazing recipes. The channel is hosted by Kabita Singh and she makes recipes from ingredients that are easily available. Kabita Singh has 5M subscribers and she joined YouTube back in 2014. Check out her youtube channel

Reshu (MintsRecipes)

MintsRecipes has 902k subscribers and the channel primarily focuses on Indian vegetarian food. Reshu posts all the recipes in Hindi. She joined YouTube back in 2014 and has made 530 videos until now. Check out her channel

Tarla Dalal

Tarla Dalal is a name that must be known to all the cookery book lovers. She has 738k subscribers on YouTube and is famous for her easy Indian vegetarian recipes. Tarla Dalal is one of the best selling cookery authors. You cannot afford to miss out her channel. Check out her channel

Ruchkar Mejwani

Ruchkar Mejwani is a Marathi language channel for the food lovers. The channel is hosted by Archana Arte, Sonali, Smita and has 560K subscribers. The channel offers a variety of cuisines. You can still follow their channel, for they have English subtitles available in the video. Check out her channel

Kanak Khathuria (Kanak’s Kitchen)

Kanak’s kitchen is a channel hosted by Kanak Khathuria. She joined YouTube in 2015 and has 501k subscribers. Kanak was one of the top contestants of Masterchef Season 1. Her channel features dishes from all sorts of cuisines. Head over to her channel to get some delectable recipes. Check out her channel

Shilpa (Home Cook Secrets)

Home Cook Secrets is another channel that delivers some amazing recipes. The channel is hosted by Shilpa and has 221k subscribers. She joined YouTube in 2016. check out her youtube channel

Richa Gupta (Healthy Kadai)

Healthy Kadai is the go-to place for all health conscious people. The channel has 108k subscribers and is hosted by Richa Gupta. The channel was started in 2014. Check out her youtube channel

Jini Mathew (Indian Mom’s Kitchen)

Indian Mom’s Kitchen is a channel which started out in 2017 but is doing exceedingly well. The host Jini Mathew is a cookery teacher and a chef. She cooks a wide range of Indian cuisines and has 19k subscribers. Check out her channel

Neelima Mittal (Vegetarian Recipes By Neelima Mittal)

Vegetarian recipes by Neelima Mittal is hosted by Neelima Mittal. She has 11k subscribers and she joined YouTube back in 2016. Neelima Mittal presents various recipes that are easy and interesting. Check out her channel

These women are definitely going to ingrain a little more respect for all the women who cook. Head over to their youtube channels fast and satiate your hunger cravings by learning new and simple recipes.

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