Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023
PM launches Mission LiFE at Statue of Unity in presence of UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres

PM Modi attended a bilateral meeting with UN Secretary-General, Antonio Guterres and launched Mission LiFE at the Statue of Unity, Ekta Nagar, Kevadia, Gujarat. Congratulatory video messages on the launch of Mission LiFE by the heads of 11 nations representing all regions of the United Nations were also relayed. 

Highlighting the importance of unity in the fight against climate change, Modi said that the launch of Mission LiFE is taking place before the Statue of Unity, a colossal statue of the pride of India, Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel. “The world’s largest statue will be a source of inspiration in achieving the set targets”, he said. “When the standards are exceptional, the records are huge”, the Prime Minister remarked.

The PM remarked, “The mantra of Mission Life is ‘Lifestyle For Environment’. It connects the powers of the people for the protection of this earth, and teaches them to use it in a better way.

“Mission LiFE inspires us to do all that can be done in our everyday life to protect the environment. Mission LiFE believes that the environment can be protected by making changes in our lifestyle”, the Prime Minister said. He gave the example of the adoption of LED bulbs in India for reducing electricity bills and protecting the environment. “This led to massive savings and environmental benefits and this is a recurring permanent benefit”, the Prime Minister added.

The Prime Minister elaborated that Mission LiFE emboldens the spirit of the P3 model i.e. Pro Planet People. Mission Life, unites the people of the earth as pro planet people, uniting them all in their thoughts. It functions on the basic principles of ‘Lifestyle of the planet, for the planet and by the planet’. 

He also said ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ and circular economy and mentioned that it has been a part of the lifestyle of Indians for thousands of years. “Mission LiFE will encompass every lifestyle related to the conservation of nature, which our ancestors adopted, and that can be made a part of our lifestyle today”, he said.

“Today we are ranked fourth in wind energy and fifth in solar energy. India’s renewable energy capacity has increased by about 290 percent in the last 7-8 years. We have also achieved the target of achieving 40 percent of the electric capacity from non-fossil-fuel sources 9 years ahead of the deadline. We had also achieved a target of 10 percent ethanol blending in petrol, and that too 5 months before the deadline. Through the National Hydrogen Mission, India has moved towards an environment-friendly energy source. This will help India and many countries of the world to achieve their goal of net zero”, the Prime Minister added.

UNSG said that in these perilous times for our planet, we need all hands on deck. Lifestyle For Environment -LiFE initiative is designed to highlight essential and hopeful truths. “I am immensely encouraged by the commitment that India has made to pursue environmentally sound policies and its pledge to significantly increase investment in renewable energy, championing International Solar Alliance…..we need to unleash the renewable revolution and I look forward to working with India in driving this agenda forward.” 

Talking about the upcoming CoP 27 in Egypt, UNSG said that the conference presents a key political opportunity to reveal trust and accelerate action across all the pillars of the Paris agreement. “With its vulnerability to climate impacts and its massive economy, India can play a critical bridging role”, he said.

Quoting Mahatma Gandhi, Guterres said, “The world has enough for everyone’s needs but not everyone’s greed.” He further added that we must treat the earth’s resources with wisdom and respect.

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