Nokia debuts two new KaiOS feature phones with Google Assistant starting at €49

The cheapest phones of the world normally run on barebones operating systems but KaiOS provides super-affordable phones a taste of the modern era. Nokia has now debuted two new KaiOS phones that includes Nokia 6300 and Nokia 8000.

The two new candy bar-style phones start at a price of €49 and also offers 4G connections with hotspot capabilities and access to the KaiStore. This also means that the phones have access to around 700 maps that includes Google Assistant, Google Maps, YouTube, WhatsApp and Facebook.

Nokia 6300 4G is more simple and affordable among the two KaiOS-powered devices. At a price of €49, it offers a matte plastic frame with a small display which has D-Pad, navigation buttons and a full T-9 keypad at the bottom.

Nokia 6300 4G, 8000 4G bring candy bar phones to the Internet age | News Break
Image Source : News Break

Nokia 6300 4G also has smart features and 4G connectivity to a trusted favorite and draws inspiration from the original Nokia 6300. Nokia 6300 4G provides lasting quality and brings WhatsApp to the lowest price point on a Nokia phone till now.

Nokia 8000 4G is a bit flashier. It has a slick rear design which comes in various colours like Onyx, Opal, Citrine and Topaz. The device has a larger 2.8-inch display and 3D curved keypad which is a bit more condensed in comparison to 6300. The Nokia 8000 has been priced at €79 which is just €20 shy of the brand’s most affordable Android Go phones.

Nokia 8000 4G has an elegantly crafted glass-like design for consumers who want all the important features in a sophisticated, premium package. It also offers 4G and Bluetooth connectivity and access to apps that includes WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube. The device is a perfect on-the-go option for socialization and entertainment and also offers standout quality in a metalized chrome midframe and four gemstone-inspired colours.