Samsung Galaxy S10’s camera to get dedicated low-light camera mode

Samsung Galaxy S10

The Samsung Galaxy S10 comes with a flagship camera that mostly takes excellent photos with great details. However, unlike some of its rivals, like Google Pixel 3 and LG G8, Samsung lacks a dedicated low-light camera mode that is selectable by users manually. Samsung Galaxy S10, instead, works by auto-detecting dark scene and in turn optimizing its settings to take pictures in low-light areas, without giving controls to the user.

However, that may change soon, as Samsung is planning to bring such feature with a software update expected later this month or early May, according to tech blog site SamMobile. Listed simply as “Night” on the camera’s interface, the new feature will be included with other mainstay modes that are already available to users to toggle through before snapping a photo. As smartphones are evolving, users are focusing on the image quality that the cameras on the smartphones produce in order to determine if they should buy the phone or not. As a result, handset makers are doing their best to ship their flagship smartphones with top-of-the-line camera specs.

With the new low-light photography mode in the Galaxy S10, Samsung would be able to stand up to its rivals in terms of offering complete camera experience, especially when compared to Google Pixel 3 and its impressive Night Sight mode.

According to SamMobile, the Night mode is available to some users in Switzerland in an April 2019 security patch. Samsung has not indulged in the details about the feature rolling out to other markets, neither has the company replied to a request for comment.

At the meantime, Samsung is also rolling out an update that brings what is being termed as a ‘biometrics security patch’, which will help in making the in-display fingerprint scanner more secure. Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone was recently in the news as it was reported to have its face unlock authentication method bypassed with the help of a video played back on another phone.

A report by Neowin states that the update makes the fingerprint scanner work a tad bit faster and does indeed help with the security issue. The update is 6.95mb in volume and would be available as a pop-up through Galaxy Store.



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