Xiaomi Sends Invites for September 27 Event, May Launch Mi Band 3 in India

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Xiaomi has sent media invites to all the media houses out there to take live coverage of their event at Bengaluru. This event is supposed to happen on 27th September. It’s titled “Smarter Living” a very obvious hint for the unveiling and the launch of the Mi Band 3. This event is to let the other competitors know, that Xiaomi is ready to step into the Smart Lifestyle portfolio. The company is all set to launch Mi Band 3 and at least four more products at the event.


  • Xiaomi’s invite hints at the Mi Band 3 launch
  • Teaser hints at least five new product launches
  • Xiaomi may also be bringing the Mi Home smart camera to India

The media invite hints at four devices – the Mi Band 3, Xiaomi’s Mi Home smart camera, the Mi Air Purifier, and a new smart TV product. The company has also started teasing the audience about the devices ahead of the event on social media. The latest GIF shared on Twitter suggests five devices be launched.

Image Source: Google

The icons in the GIF represent the device that is going to be launched at the event. The heart icon represents heart rate monitoring on the Mi Band 3, the eye icon represents the 360-degree capture of the Mi Home smart camera, the popcorn icon represents the smart TV launch, and there is also a what-looks-like an air icon which could represent the launch of the Mi Air Purifier.

Image Source: Google

There is also a location icon, and as of now unsure as to what that represents. It is important to note that this is pure speculation from our end, and Xiaomi could well launch completely new devices at the event.

Image Source: Google

In its tweet, Xiaomi has also confirmed that more than two devices are launching at the event in Bengaluru.


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