Buenos Aires approves online gaming legislation, land based casino operators soon to go online


Argentine capital city Buenos Aires has finally approved a legislation to regulate online gaming. The regulations are set to come into force by the end of the year 2020.

Online gaming regulation proposal was first made by city lottery organization, LOTBA, which was not permitted in the 2018 gaming legislation.

The implementation of new regulations would grant local companies the access to virtual sector and the land based casino operators to launch their services online.

The regulation would also enable six other companies that had applied for licences almost two years ago to participate in the digital market. The city expects online gaming to generate US$6.6 million in taxes.

The Indian Wire had earlier reported that the legislature is pushing for a ‘clean record’ to tackle problem gambling and organized crime rackets, which was voted in affirmative by the legislature.

The legislation also provides for non-granting of licenses to those who have faced judicial prosecution in the past.

Myriam Bregman of the Socialist Workers’ Party – Leftist Front (PTS), stated to the newspaper Perfil “The legislature, far from dealing with anything related to the pandemic, has begun to launch a mega-business of online gaming”.

The head of the Cambiemos Party  in the legislature said, “It’s a broad and comprehensive law, which establishes very important limitations and restrictions in order to avoid the development of pathological behaviours and protect those that suffer from this illness”, reported by Focusgn.


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