Sat. Oct 1st, 2022

Nine people have been arrested by the Police in Mohali over allegedly running an illegal gambling racket.

A special search operation as launched by Deputy Superintendent Gursher Singh, where the team raided the location of illegal gambling and betting operations.

As per Hindustan Times, DSP Singh said: “A team, constituted under the leadership of inspector Manphul Singh, raided the house and discovered a gambling and betting ring. All accused were caught red-handed.”

“The entire racket was being operated online and through phones. Evidence of betting has also been obtained. More information is expected during the police remand of the accused.”

According to reports, 20 mobile phones and SIM cards, one laptop and around Rupees 65 Lakh has been seized during the raid.

This is in connection to the arrest made two months earlier, where the Police had nabbed two suspects, who turned out to be bookies, who were passing the live match reports to their operators during IPL 2020 in Delhi. One of the suspects admitted to the fact of his employer operating a betting website in Dubai. This led to further investigation and the arrests.



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